With great remorse we write you today to let you know that we are saying goodbye to the GGET Community Fund for now. Those of you who have set up recurring subscriptions should receive a cancellation notice from us very shortly.

In a new era of social distancing your contributions made it possible to show up for overwhelmed medical workers across LA every week in as personal a way as this current pandemic can allow. It has been an honor to serve the front line medical workers of LA County through your generous weekly donations for 4 1/2 months strong.

2020 has dealt us a very heavy serving of a variety of issues that demand our mental energy and call to action. If you're in a position to do so, we hope that you'll carry your empathy to other causes that uplift the community so that your giving actions become contagious. The world needs your sensitivity, your understanding, and your initiative now more than ever.

The fire that's burning hottest in our society now is for racial equality. If you're in a position to do so, we at GGET hope that you would consider donating to one the following organizations:

Furthermore, if you would like to work with us to fund a one-off donation or team up for another kind of actionable community service please reach out to us at fund@gget.com